Monday, September 5, 2016

"In My Room (Merrick Garland Mix)"

Music for the longest Supreme Court nomination wait in American history....

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Hey (Hey) What You Thankful For?"

The first Thanksgiving carol since the 100-year-old "We Gather Together"


A Christmas parody of the first Jay-Z megahit:

"Soft Drink Battle Royal"

For the generation babysat by companies and their products on Saturday mornings:

"Eternal Skate"

Hip-hop old school romance on wheels:

"Prime Shook Me"

G1 Transformers get a heavy metal hip-hop celebration:

"Under the Hood"

In 2011, Yo Joe! - A Real American Hip-Hop Musical received its world premiere in Chicago. Here is the original bad guys theme from that show:

"Slap Bracelet"

An ode to a past, fun fashion fad:

"Mario's Mom"

'Nuff said:

"Sarah Palin Bounce"

Relive some of the excitement from back in the 2008 election with this hip-hop track:

"Hunka Golddigger"

If Elvis had covered Kanye West's dance classic in a music video:

"Xmas Stan"

The classic holiday parody song about a little boy who's crazy for Santa.

"Show Us How (Dick Cheney)"

A hip-hop gem from back in the W. administration: