Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Hey (Hey) What You Thankful For?"

The first Thanksgiving carol since the 100-year-old "We Gather Together"


A Christmas parody of the first Jay-Z megahit:

"Soft Drink Battle Royal"

For the generation babysat by companies and their products on Saturday mornings:

"Eternal Skate"

Hip-hop old school romance on wheels:

"Prime Shook Me"

G1 Transformers get a heavy metal hip-hop celebration:

"Under the Hood"

In 2011, Yo Joe! - A Real American Hip-Hop Musical received its world premiere in Chicago. Here is the original bad guys theme from that show:

"Slap Bracelet"

An ode to a past, fun fashion fad:

"Mario's Mom"

'Nuff said:

"Sarah Palin Bounce"

Relive some of the excitement from back in the 2008 election with this hip-hop track:

"Hunka Golddigger"

If Elvis had covered Kanye West's dance classic in a music video:

"Xmas Stan"

The classic holiday parody song about a little boy who's crazy for Santa.

"Show Us How (Dick Cheney)"

A hip-hop gem from back in the W. administration: